Hi! I'm Abby, the brains of this operation. I'm also the body and guts of it– it's only me here.

Working with people to give them the exact treat they've been craving is one of my favorite things about commission-based baking. My tried and true recipes are killer, but my ultimate goal is for you to have the experience you're looking for. Let's get weird with flavors! Or let's get super traditional with flavors! Order something exactly as you see it on the menu, or tell me that you want to add, subtract, or substitute a component or two (or three)!

Beyond baking, I'm a musician, a just-handy-enough homeowner (excellent at putting holes in walls, less excellent at filling them), and a parent of a cat that acts like a dog and of a dog that acts like a cat. They are precious little beasts.

Find me selling doughnuts by pre-order from my home and at pop-up markets with my bright blue bakery cart (instagram and facebook are the best ways to keep up)!