Lemon Meringue
all-butter crust, tart lemon curd, toasted swiss meringue– classic!

Strawberry (or raspberry) Lemonade
all-butter crust, lemon and strawberry (or raspberry) curd, toasted swiss meringue. pink lemonade in pie form!

Banana Cream
graham cracker crust, layers of banana pudding and fresh sliced bananas, mascarpone whipped cream. almost too dreamy to be real.

Blueberry Sage*
all-butter crust, blueberry-sage filling, lemon-sage meringue (toasted, of course). this pie was originally developed for the one and only curt oren. have you seen his new hat?

French Silk*
all-butter crust, chocolate fudge layer, chocolate mousse layer, mascarpone whipped cream, chocolate shavings. i personally don't believe in french silk pie (i'm all about the fruit), but this one is real dang good!

Peanutbutter Cup**
homemade (duh) peanut butter cookie crust, chocolate & peanut butter magic shell, plain peanut butter mousse, chocolate & peanut butter mousse, chocolate & peanut butter ganache, maldon sea salt. once a commissioned pie, but it turned out so dang delicious that i had to make it a permanent menu fixture.

Pumpkin/Seasonal Squash*
all-butter crust, freshly roasted seasonal squash (or sweet potato), brown sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, lime zest. a fan favorite!

Hibiscus Meringue
all-butter crust, tart 'n' dreamy hibiscus curd w/ lime, toasted swiss meringue. uniquely floral with a citrus punch.

Harold and Maude*
all-butter crust, fresh ginger custard, mascarpone whipped cream. here today, gone tomorrow, so don't get attached!

The Helen
all-butter crust filled to the brim with sweet, jammy pineapple. a treat usually reserved for once a year on march 3rd (happy birthday, mom).