Banana Cream Cake
rum-coffee syrup soaker (syrups without alcohol available upon request), mascarpone whipped cream, creamy banana pudding, fresh banana slices, espresso powder garnish

Summer Berries
Strawberry-lemon syrup soaker, strawberry-lemon curd, fresh strawberries and raspberries, mascarpone whipped cream

Raspberry, Lemon, & Hibiscus
hibiscus-almond syrup soaker, bright and tart lemon curd, fresh raspberries, mascarpone whipped cream 

lemon-basil syrup soaker, strawberry lemon curd, fresh strawberries, mascarpone whip, fresh basil

Blackberry Mojito
honey-rum syrup soaker, blackberry-lime curd, fresh blackberries, fresh mint leaves, lime zest. This baby is topped with a shot of gold rum before being coated in a rum-mint mascarpone whipped cream.