single layer, deeply flavorful, like cake but better (yeah, i said it)
6" round, feeds 6-8 $30
9" round, feeds 12+ $45

Flourless Chocolate Cake
gluten-free, deeply chocolatey. comes with your choice of mascarpone whipped cream, fruit compote, fresh fruit, caramel, or chocolate sauce.
additional toppings $5/ea

Torta di Pere al Caramello
Inspired by my old stomping grounds: Vivoli's pear and caramel gelato and Le Botteghe de il Fornaio's apple torte were two of my favorite sweet treats in Florence, so I've combined the best of both worlds in this dreamy dessert: fresh sliced Bartlett pears, caramelized sugar, and a whole lot of good vibes.

2oz, big, bakery-style cookies
$2 each with a minimum order of one dozen

Chocolate Chip
sea salt, malted milk powder. hot dang!

soft, melt-in-your-mouth, classic.

Oatmeal Raisin
rum-soaked raisins, cinnamon, & ginger. simple and delightful.

Caramel (V)
homemade vegan butter, oven-caramelized sugar. cookies that are perfect to even the least vegan palate.

Lemon Glazed Sugar Cookie (V)
homemade vegan butter, fresh lemon zest and juice, super soft and dreamy. ask me about glaze flavors beyond lemon— you know i’ve got ‘em!

Ginger-Molasses Cookie (V)
homemade vegan butter, fresh ginger, brown sugar, and molasses glaze. a little spice to warm your cold, empty heart.

Peanut Butter
just the right amount of chewy and crispy, the perfect balance of salty and sweet, and very easy to eat a full dozen of alone despite their size and protein content.

Raspberry & Rose
soft and chewy like a sugar cookie, prepared with rose petal sugar and swirled with small bits of raspberries. get your summertime vibe on year round.

Turmeric Snickerdoodle
super soft, super yellow, mildly anti-inflammatory, incredibly delicious. topped with cinnamon sugar.

Sage Snickerdoodle
like the turmeric snickerdoodle, but… ya know… with fresh sage blitzed in instead.

Brownie Bites (GF)
1oz cookies, same pricing. deeply, deeply chocolatey with the appearance of snowy cracked earth. honestly, i want to just call them fudgy buddies, but nobody wants to say it so i’m calling them “brownie bites.” happy now?

standard sized muffins (none of this giant muffin business) filled to the brim with your fave breakfast cake
$2 each with a minimum order of one dozen

Banana Chocolate Chip
mashed and sliced bananas & mini chocolate chips.

a breakfast pastry classic.

Orange Ginger
tastes just like those orange muffins from rainbow foods back in the day, but with a mild ginger zing and way less regret.