Available just about every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday by pre-order only. All orders are due Wednesdays at 11:59pm.

No doughnuts 4/26-28! Stay tuned for info about the following weekend

Rotating Glaze: TBA 4/27

•brown butter glazed always available & recommended!•

°° vegan doughnuts available in both flavors °°

email your order to bakeryboxmpls@gmail.com or send it using the “contact” section. Keep reading to learn what to include in your email!

«« six doughnut minimum per type (vegan/conventional) per order, but any glaze ratio is fair game (you want four brown butter and two rotating glaze? five rotating and one brown butter? anything for you, sweet cheeks) »»



one / $3
six / $16
twelve / $30

Friday: 8AM - 10AM
Saturday: 9AM - NOON
Sunday: 9AM - 11.45AM

Pick-up in South Minneapolis’ Central Neighborhood, just a few blocks from the Midtown Global Market. You will be sent the exact address once you’ve placed your order.

Things to include in your order email:
• how many of each doughnut you’d like (unless otherwise announced, there is an order minimum of six doughnuts)
• which day you’ll pick them up
• whether your payment will be in cash or by Venmo– please note that cash is always preferred

If the listed time window doesn’t work for you or you have other barriers preventing you from access to these dreamy doughnz, please reach out and check in!

Past Doughnut Flavors:
orange ginger
lemon raspberry
coffee cardamom
rose petal black pepper
golden milk (turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger)
hibiscus lime
honey tangerine
maple lime
blueberry basil
sage cinnamon
i think i’m forgetting a lot of flavors— just know that i like to have FUN, so let’s get weird