Strawberry-Lemonade Meringue
Lemon cake, strawberry-lemon curd, toasted swiss meringue. tastes like a genie turned your favorite pie into a cake that everyone is stoked about.

Orange, Ginger, & Raspberry
orange cake with a touch of ginger, ginger creme patissiere, raspberry swiss buttercream, garnished with fresh raspberries. my go-to summer flavor combo.

Classic White
vanilla cake with a touch of almond, nutmeg creme patissiere, swiss buttercream. easy breezy, pleasing for all palates.

deep, dark chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, dark chocolate swiss buttercream. a chocolate cake that's rich while still calling you back for just one more slice...

Malted Chocolate
deep, dark chocolate cake, malted milk, malty german buttercream, toasted swiss meringue. it's like if you put a chocolate brownie malt inside of a toasted marshmallow.

Chocolate & Lavender
deep, dark chocolate cake with organic french lavender, chocolate ganache, and your choice of dark chocolate buttercream, dark chocolate-lavender buttercream, or lavender buttercream. this cake is inspired by a chocolate bar i used to eat regularly in middle school and can no longer find. RIP.

Sweet Corn & Maple
cake made with fresh sweet corn juice and kernels, sweet corn and lime creme patissiere, and maple buttercream. lime zest and maldon sea salt garnish. perfect year round despite reading as autumnal- it's just that good.

Triple Caramel
caramel cake, caramel swiss buttercream, and straight up caramel with a sea salt garnish. add chocolate ganache or homemade toffee bits for an extra $5. this cake is stupid good and very decadent in the flavor department.

Custom Cake
Pick your flavors, size, etc.! Pricing will depend on the ingredients and labor required.